Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Extra Curricular Activities

Besides going to class what things do students do at your school? What sports, clubs, and other before and after school activities are available at your school? What

Look at the school websites help you get some ideas.




  1. hello everybody
    our school offers a lot of extra curricular activities , but in my opinion not that much as American schools .
    You can work for the schoolpaper or do sports like soccer , volleyball or athletics .
    If you´d like to you can join the theater club , the orchester or the chorale .
    In my freetime i really enjoy doing sports like running and dancing .I also like hearing to music and surf in the internet :)
    what about you ?

  2. hello everybody,
    our school offers a lot of different curricular activities.for example choral ,volleyball,soccer,theater,
    but our school doesn`t offer activities like cheerleading ,baseball and basketball.also those aktivities are not that professionell and famous like in america.
    and i`d love to do cheerleading.
    I`d like to know if you think our english sounds good for you?
    whould be cool if you answer...
    I also like to say that the germans mainly don`t say "spitze",we normallly never say that.for us it`s normal to say "das ist cool!"
    was fun to watch your vids ;)